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Financial Problems? You Are Not Alone.

In this economy a record number of individuals have filed bankruptcy and have realized how bankruptcy has given them peace of mind and a new financial beginning. Call our office for a free consultation to find out how bankruptcy can help you.

  • Are you behind on your credit card payments?
  • Are you behind in your mortgage payments or facing foreclosure?
  • Are you behind in car payments or facing repossession?
  • Do you want to stop harassing credit collection phone calls?
  • Have you considered enrolling in a debt relief agency? Find out why these programs do not work for a majority of those who enroll. Stop throwing your money away and let us help. We will explain what bankruptcy is all about and how it can give you peace of mind.

If you have experienced unexpected and extreme financial shock, caused by sudden events such as job loss, increase in mortgage payment, business failure, death, divorce or illness, filing bankruptcy may be the right solution for you. If you are facing serious financial challenges, it is very important to seek the counsel of an experienced bankruptcy attorney to help you to assess your legal options. We can assist you in determining whether or not to file for bankruptcy and, if so, to file for bankruptcy, relieving you of your debt and reestablishing your credit and financial health after the bankruptcy.

If you have avoided bankruptcy because you are afraid to lose house, car, or any other property, you will be surprise to learn how bankruptcy may actually help you keep your property. Call us for a free consultation and learn how we can help.

Do you know how the provisions of the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005 affect your case?

When you're filing for bankruptcy, it is critical to understand your legal rights. Bankruptcy laws protect consumers and companies from financial ruin and the potential to be abused by outstanding creditors. By allowing individuals and businesses to have their qualifying debts eliminated, bankruptcy offers all
Americans a second chance at controlling their debt.

Laws under the 2005 Bankruptcy Reform Act are designed to help you liquidate or reorganize a variety of debts (not just your credit card debts) including, tax debts, mortgage arrears, back child support, student loans, judgment liens, medical bills, secured loans, and leases to name a few.

In a nutshell, the filing of a bankruptcy grants immediate relief from, creditor harassment, lawsuits, garnishments, foreclosures, levies, and most other creditor related actions cease upon filing. In most chapter 7 cases, the Debtor can permanently stop such creditor actions and wipe out their debts without losing any of their assets. Unfortunately, many people are misinformed about the current bankruptcy laws, and as such, continue to ignore their financial problems to their detriment or resort to other actions that only provide temporary relief.

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