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Our law firm is dedicated to assisting our clients and striving to understand their needs. Developing a long-term attorney client relationship has been a hallmark of our law firm.

Our team of experienced attorneys help hundreds of individuals each year with legal issues in Bankruptcy, Taxation, Personal Injury, and Eviction/Unlawful Detainer.

We have helped clients discharge and reorganized debts under the United States Bankruptcy Law. We have help them settle disputes and debts with the IRS. We have helped injured clients settle their cases to get the compensation they deserve. We have mediated and dissolved marriage amicably. We have created formed and converted businesses for our business clients and drafted contracts for business as well as personal transactions. We have helped real estate owners pursue their rights against tenants and have defended tenants rights against landlords. We can help you protect your estate to provide for your loved ones by helping you draft your wills and trust. Let us help you with your legal questions, call us for a free consultation.

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